Techion Reflective Elastic Fabric Waist Belt Band with Buckle Clip and Two Reflective Strips for Cycling/Biking/Walking/Jogging/Running Gear and Outdoor Sports (Waistband)


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Techion Reflective Waist Belt Band with Buckle Clip and 2 Pack Armband
This reflective waist belt band is perfect for Cycling / Biking / Walking / Jogging / Running Gear and Outdoor Clothing in weak lightness and nights. Designed with soft fabric and reflective Strips, it’s comfortable to wear and highly visible.
Adjustable 24-43 inches circumference for best waist fitness;Adjustable 9-12″ for arm fitness;

Contents of Retail Package:
1 x Waist Band
2 x New Armband
1 x Techion 4×4″ Microfiber cleaning cloth

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